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Tips To Learn English Language and Grammar

Article by Avinashbikumalla

One question is revolving in everybodies mind i.e what is the need of studying english grammer when we can speak english in anyway. So, answer is studying grammer is way for success. Just because we all speak english doesen’t mean we speak correct. It didn’t assures how much people have understand you and did they exactly got you which you want them to explain.

Grammer is the way for success and this way can be actually multi functional. For some grammer is the best way to express yourself. Different meaning can be driven out by mixing and arranging word. one simple sentence could have many meanings.to make people what exactly you wanna say for you should have knowledge of grammer and also have the way to express it. With this missunderstanding could be prevented which may bring bitter things in your life.

Importance of english grammer:-
Grammer is known as the backbone or pillar of english. English has no use and sense if words are not properly/correctly used with grammer rule. The importance of english grammer are:-

1)english grammer help you to express yourself in an effective way. It should always kept in mind that whatever you are expressing shold be understand by other in the same way. If it does not happen it means there is some fault in your way of expressing the things. So for keeping your view in front of anybody good english grammer is important.

2)another main importance of learning english grammer is that it improves your creativety. If you are aware of the grammer rules you can invent and reinvent words by using them in different way.

3)english grammer is the way for success. It has been the psychology of the human that they judge the person by their communication skills. Wherever you go whatever profession you choose, you will surely encounter with the requirement of write and speak. A good grip on grammer will help you you to meet all this situation and lead success in your life.

Two parts of Grammer
Grammer has been divided into two parts i.e Reading Skills and Writing Skills. It has been observed and viewed that person having combination of both must be having good hold on grammer. In present scenerio good and correct english is the need of the hour. With writing and Reading skills one could easily acheive his/her goals of life.

Reading Skills
Many english professors are of the view that reading books and newspaper is the best way to get hold on english grammer. You must read books according to your english level. It means that if you dont have good command on englih or you dont even able to intract with people, then you should start with children’s picture books. In this books stories are written and explained with the help of pictures. This exercise will help you to learn English grammar and vocabulary. If your english skills is at the advance level then you must read young adult literature and novels. Once you come to know your english level you can read books accordingly. But newspaper should be read by all, who are at the begning level or at the mid level of english.

Writing Skills
Another important way to improve your english grammer is by writing skills. reading helps you to learn vocabulary and it further helps you in you writing skills. To rise level of your writing skills you must write all your daily experience in a diary. After this you can get this diary to be correct by someone who have full knowledge of grammer rules. With this you can write a sentence in many different way. Writing skill of the person is the way best way of putting impression on the other.

Using these two techniques will help you to improve your english grammer. You can speak fluent english anytime anywhere. these two techniques also rise your confidence level and you will not hesitate to speak in front of anybody and anywhere. It has been observed thatthe population of english speaker has declined significantly. It is due to the lack of importance people give to the language. Technology can be the main reason behind this. People send text message in shortcut way and spelled the word as they sound not as they are supposed to spelled. So, to stop deterioration of the language, learning grammer should be learned. Everyone should understand now that learning grammer is not only a school subject but tool for success in real life.

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