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Student English Lesson Feedback

Student English Lesson Feedback

Laura 27/02/2014

I have always had a sense of how advanced and challenging is
what we study ( sometimes being a bit discouraged)……especially when
we do the pronunciation part.Anyway, the relative clause topic will be a
very good reminder ,indeed.


Ascheva 24/02/2014

Thank you so much to check my cover letter. Thank you for your patience to interview me as well. See you next lesson, cheers.
Alexey  13/02/2014

Good traffic\pedestrian vocabulary.                                                                                                                               

 I love the feeling of studying something new, moving forward in my life .                                                       Your lessons give me that feeling.                                                                                                                            Thank you very much!


Roberto 24/01/2014

Amazing lesson, full of new words and idioms with the aim to improve the listening. Even when I talked about my personal interests or life, Murray tried to correct my pronunciation and grammar … very useful as usual. Thanks!


Caporana 15/01/2014

The lesson has been extremely useful because of the interesting matter, the challenging exercises and the number of new words.

Snikookar  13/01/2014

The session was really good and useful. The email session was very interesting and I have learned new structures and found out some of my mistakes. Many thanks.

Tracy  23/12/2013

Thank you Murrjon. Murrjon prepared many resources before the class and organized the class time well. I would like to have more class with Murrjon.

Anisimov   25/11/2013

Great vocabulary oriented lesson! This is the one of the most important areas to study to me at the moment. Thank you for your sincere attention to the study process and individual approach.

Alex 18/11/2013

It was very unusual and interesting experience playing a role of a junior HR manager. In addition, I learned a plenty of new idioms which I believe are useful in everyday life. Thank you very much for your creative approach in teaching English! Cheers!

Divino 09  13/10/2013

Great   Lesson, I like music and videos and use it as a resource is great, Thanks

Student English Lesson Feedback

Pavel142  19/10/2013

I was so occupied with talk that completely forgot about lesson timing. And you
didn’t stopped me till your next lesson. Thank you for your patience!

Alexey  13/10/2013

It was an extremely productive lesson! I feel like I’ve been interviewed for a job position today. Great experience, thank you! Apart from that, a special thanks for a materials that you provided to me. See you at the next lesson!

Nat  07/07/2013

I had a chance to compare general and academic writing. I felt the difference. It took more time for me and it was more difficult to find an appropriate words. But I am glad to have this practice. Thanks for your correction.

Mamit  01/05/2013

Those kind of lessons, although challenging, are most enjoyable and fruitful.
Recording… great tool for feedback and improving. Many thanks Murray!

Laura  02/03/2013

I enjoyed the lesson….even the pronunciation book…………maybe your effort to push me towards this part of the language is starting to pay off see you next week,  Laura

Valeria 08/06/2013

Unfortunately there are only 5 stars that I can put in the feedback. I could put many others!
Thank you for the lesson. But if my feedback is too positive you’ll have so many other students and at 9pm I wont find any lesson time available for me!!!

Kesha  29/01/2013

Thank you! I feel that my speaking is improving and I like it. Today it was a little difficult for me to talk about different achievements. I hope I’ll prepare a good story for Friday lesson.

Miron 02/01/2013

It has been significant progress for me since I started to learn with you and I’m happy to see that we “dive into” the details of the language from time to time. I’ll try to challenge myself to do some daily progress as you advised. Thanks Murray!




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