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Fluent English Teacher Testimonials


So what are they saying about the tutor and lessons at Murray’s English?. . . . . .


Alexey, Russia      I have been studying English for immigration purpose and my main goal is to seamlessly integrate into the new environment. Thanks to Murray, I realized that the main challenge on this way is to ‘sound as native’. This task can be break into two main components – idioms and pronunciation. Of course, grammar and vocabulary are important as well, however, speaking and especially pronunciation shouldn’t be underestimated. Murray is a native speaker, with great experience in the tutoring field. He wisely tailors studying plans for my purpose. On our lessons we pay extra attention to pronunciation, idioms and vocabulary. After each lesson I feel that I move in the right direction. He helps me achieving my goal and I grateful to him for that.

Without any hesitation, I recommend Murray to all of my friends, who are interested in studying English.


Marcelo, Brazil  marcelobj25@gmail.com's profile photo

I began taking English lessons with Mr. Murray in November 2012. My English is improving week by week –  thanks to my  teacher. Fortunately Murray is my teacher, he is well prepared, he is kind, punctual and motivates me to study English.
 I also would like to tell you (who are reading this letter) that I intend to continue having lessons with Murray ….

marcelo bj – Brazil
Miron, Israel

I highly recommend Murray J Greene as a personal English teacher. I have been studying with Murray for two years now and I’m very satisfied.

My personal goals were to improve pronunciation and speaking fluency and those are the main issues that we are working on. As a distant student I’m using Skype to communicate for the lessons and I must say that this method is most effective.

From my point of view, Murray has a great personal attitude and he is expert in English training. To fulfill my goals he is using diverse topics and learning materials during each lesson. Many times when I start a lesson, a bit exhausted after a hectic day, I find myself quiet refresh, with a big smile by the end of the session. That’s because of Murray’s ability to leveraging morale and confidence along with my English skills.
I feel confident to recommend Murray as an English teacher, since my personal experience is very good and a teacher with a very positive attitude like Murray is hard to find.

Eesh Hegde 

Murray is the teacher I have been looking for. As a permanent resident of Australia and, having been living here for two years, I realized I had to improve my writing and speaking skills in English. Murray’s varying aspects of teaching includes idioms, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary which is exactly what I was looking for.

More than anything else, he is kind and sober. I do not have any hesitation to recommend him to any of my friends who are interested in studying English.

Baruh, IsraelBaruh Polis's profile photo

I began my classes with Mr. Murray more than one year ago. I was looking for the qualified teacher but I got a friend, good interlocutor and a competent advisor! He is kindly sharing wide knowledge in different fields of human activities and offering absolutely original and effective lessons! I have previous negative experiences with different kind of “proficient instructors” who promise a fantastic progress without any effort from your side. To learn a foreign language is a long way. For talented person it might take about two years to get mastery… But even if you are really brilliant, you need professional help. I have to say that Mr. Murray is a Master of English. Your journey with him to the mastership will be exciting and interesting; your improvement will be natural and irreversible! As a bonus, you will acquire a nice British accent and a very rich vocabulary…


Oleg, Russia  Oleg Tikhonov's profile photo

“I thoroughly recommend Murray J Greene to anyone who seeks English language coaching. If you choose him, you’ll soon notice that not only are his services of top professional quality but he himself is also a very intelligent person to converse with, which is a rare combo among tutors.

Mr. Greene is always punctual, precise and involved during the lessons.  He offers a solid lesson structure but at the same time allows for flexibility which helps me as a student to stay both interested and satisfied as I can clearly see that Murray is willing to put effort and cater to my very needs.”


Fluent English Teacher Testimonials


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