Mar 27

Listening, Speaking and Grammar in English

Article by Kevin123

Do you wish to learn very good English for your daily communication as well as for your future job? I guess you must say yes. If so, you need to notice something important in English learning.

At first, let’s look at listening. A language is alive once it can be understood vocally and mentally. There is no exception for English. When learning English, you should understand what people speak, so you need to listen. Maybe you often listen to songs, but seldom have time for the English listening. But you need to change now by all means. If you are a beginner, you may try to listen to very easy materials first. For instance, you can listen to English carton movies, or you can try Special English, or BBC learning English. Even so, you still have puzzles to comprehend English entirely. Don’t worry, just persist! You at least can get some English sense in this process. Certainly using Rosetta Stone English can also train your English listening well.

Secondly, let’s come to spoken English. English can be divided into written English and spoken English, or even every language has this feature. Spoken English is for all the people to communicate with one another now, which plays a very important role in our life. You see, now you can touch English every day no matter what kind of job you may have. So speaking is crucial! For your daily life you as a foreigner, maybe not so often use English, but for your work, you need to communicate with others indeed. One idea for learners is to speak as much as possible. No matter when you catch a chance to speak English, try to speak. As you do so, your tongue will be more smooth. Another idea is that you need to touch English as much as you can every day, so that you will have feelings about this language. when you speak, you don’t need to think over and over again. Instead, you can speak the whole sentence. Practicing Arabic, you can also use this way even though you have Rosetta Stone Arabic.

Thirdly, you have to learn grammar so that your spoken English will be more understandable and beautiful. The native speakers don’t need to learn grammar, they can speak fluently. But if they hope to speak very beautiful English, they also have to learn some. You can just try to read some books on grammar learning, then learn to use them into your talk. In this way your grammar becomes alive. When you learn Portuguese grammar, you can also try this way along with Rosetta Stone Portuguese.

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