IELTS is the International English Language Testing System – As English becomes more and more the communicative language on the International arena, so too more and more companies are searching for suitably qualified fluent English speakers as they upgrade their staff levels to enhance the worldwide exposure of their company. In most cases the IELTS exam will be the qualification you require; although some American companies may specify TOEFL or TOEIC exams, but latter is a basic level exam.

  • Let us focus on IELTS:
  • IELTS is a Cambridge University, England, based test of a student’s knowledge of the English language.
  • IELTS Examination comes in two categories; (1) Academic (required for future university studies) and (2) General.
  • IELTS is not a simple exam it requires a proper course of study of the English language in preparation for the exam. The actual preparation time will entirely depend on the student and his/her current level. We have an example of a person who, having been in Australia for a number of years (we believe over ten years) who scoffed at us when we offered her our assistance in preparing for the test. Apparently she did no preparation and merely walked into the exam room, and smiling confidently, started the IELTS reading, writing and listening section of the exam paper. The smile soon disappeared off her face, but as she had already done the speaking section and was very confident that that would get her through. Her band score was 2.
  • The IELTS exam cannot be taken on-line and there is a fee which varies from country to country, as does the regularity of the test. You can find a centre near you by going to
  • Your speaking section of the IELTS test will measure your fluency and coherence i.e. delivery clarity, content and organisational skills; and your “use” of the language i.e. grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.
  • Bear in mind that your IELTS band score may be limited to a two-year validity if you are living in a non-English speaking country and planning to migrate to an English speaking country and the certification is required for visa purposes.
  • If you would like further information on the IELTS course, just drop me a line via the contact page or enrol now

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