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Intermediate Natural English Speaking

Intermediate Natural English Speaking is the minimum level you should be aiming for with Murray’s English Fluent Speaking Course.  At this level, you are moving deeper into more natural language at work and when you are regularly communicating in English in everyday life, you must be thinking English, conversing in English and, at least, be fluent in Intermediate natural English speaking.

Learn how to discuss and review a book or a concert with a friend; where do you find the right vocabulary? Learn how to write an email to a friend – but what about emails at work? Do you know the correct format for business emails?  And then how do you fluently respond when the CEO calls you on the telephone regarding a report you just submitted?  Are you lost for words or do you confidently reciprocate in absolutely fluent intermediate natural English speaking? When you do this, you can justifiably feel proud and boldly say “I made it!”.

With the Intermediate natural English speaking module in our New Cutting Edge series, you will walk through exercises, quizzes, discussions and writing activities that will lead you to your fluency in Intermediate natural English speaking.

A journey that will take you through: . . . .

  • Hypothetical situations, how society changes
  • Real life situations of making social arrangements
  • How machines work; review comparatives and superlatives
  • Types of stories – a ghostly narrative; learning spoken English
  • Obligations and permissions; do you obey the law? Why? Why not?
  • Finding solutions to problems; present your impressions/opinions on controversial topics
  • Check your intermediate natural English speaking skills as you choose the best candidate for a job in a cute Ski Lodge Resort in the Swiss Alps; you will improve spoken English in this test case scenario

Continue your English studies with Murray’s English or upgrade your current fluency level of English by contacting us today to commence our Intermediate Natural English Speaking course . . . . .


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