Cambridge and Oxford Advanced English

Cambridge and Oxford Advanced English and Proficiency are the steps up that many students need to take after concluding the New Cutting Edge series; though one does not necessarily have to complete all three Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advance books. These three study guides into the English language give you a very solid base of vocabulary grammar and syntax. The Cambridge and Oxford Advanced English deepens your understanding and will challenge you in no small way, as well as expand your vocabulary. We have fantastic resources in PDF format which we pass on to you; they are not easy, but we also believe in the old slogan that “no pain, no gain”

Learning new Vocabulary: Hint; Do not just learn lists of new words; No! ALWAYS use new words in a sentence that will help you understand the meaning of that wordShould you wish to sit the Cambridge and Oxford Advanced English examinations, we can coach and groom you for these, but there is an extra charge for this training because of the greater need for more detailed work. The Oxford Proficiency and the Cambridge Advanced English courses would both require at least twelve months part-time on-line study plus the extra hours of “homework” time. Students need to think carefully before stepping up to the certification level of CAE and CPE. I also have the C.A.E. Destination C1 & C2 for Advanced students (fantastic opportunities to really expand your vocabulary).

In recent times we have assisted business students, who are working on our Cambridge and Oxford Advanced English studies, in the final preparations of their work related presentations in power point etc. It is always encouraging for us to see how they have implemented the techniques learnt through the weeks of advanced English studies. Their vocabularies are more expressive, colourful and precise. There are so many words in the English language ( + 350,000 of them) and we have seen these students making much greater use of them.   “And once sent out, a word takes wing beyond recall”  [Horace – Quintus Horatius Flaccus]. So the Roman poet in the time before Christ was very aware of the use of words (albeit Latin words in his time)  and we should be encouraged to broaden our vocabularies especially in working arena.

Our Cambridge and Oxford Advanced English studies are designed to achieve this outcome for you, so we invite you to contact us today and discuss your needs for better and more fluent English . . . . .

We are happy to discuss your needs in this regard and personalize a course of study for your specific needs.




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