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Advanced English Speaking Course


Advanced English Speaking, Listening, Reading & Writing.

  • You must be serious about your desires to improve your Advanced English language skills and take them to a new level, to be on this page.  Congratulations on your determination and confidence in us so that we can work together and achieve the goals you are seeking.
  • Our Advanced English learning tools of trade to develop your learning experience are the Advanced New Cutting Edge Students guide plus various Oxford University and Cambridge University publications to CAE and CPE levels. These publications have very specific guidelines in order to achieve the student outcomes required by universities and some major employers throughout the world. You can be assured we will work with the best for you to achieve the best.
  • You need to work; you need to work hard, very hard to study and practice the examination material to achieve Advanced English skills, especially Advanced English Speaking skills. A vital skill you definitely need to work toward is improving your personal vocabulary base and aim to exceed the ideal of above 5000 words in Advanced English studies. We will help you achieve this; you may not wish to sit the exams but we can still use the tools that they use.
  • University studies have researched the way adults can best improve their advanced English vocabularies by specific methods in expanding your learning base – learning collocations, idioms, in personalising words and phrases, thinking, speaking and writing – using them as they would occur in your own everyday working environment. We encourage this as we guide and move you through the exciting and interesting advanced English modules in our guide books.
  • Advanced English is also achieved, especially for adult learners, by learning groups of words in context and we encourage you to develop a skill in grouping your vocabulary books so that you can quickly find specific words that collocate or apply to a specific industry such as medicine, IT or aviation, – your line of work.
  • We help you with complex sentence structure, relative clauses, determiners and articles and always improving your knowledge of verb tenses but it is done in the context of personalising the learning experience at the personal and advanced English level you are at in your own working situation. This helps the memory process and it is not just a matter of learning long lists of words/phrases; everything is in context with your personal needs.
  • Our lessons are always one-on-one, highly personalised and we are passionate about our advanced English speaking, reading, writing and listening teaching programme  . . . .
  • Isn’t it about time you called us today?. . . . . . You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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