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Absolutely Fluent Upper Intermediate English Speaking


Absolutely Fluent Upper Intermediate English Speaking requires a total commitment from both the student and the teacher. Rest assured we at Murray’s English are totally committed to your Absolutely Fluent Upper Intermediate English Speaking. This unit has a multilayered, topic based syllabus which includes thorough and comprehensive grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and skills for listening, reading, writing and speaking. The vocabulary becomes harder (of course, what did you expect?) as you really experience the thrill and satisfaction that your English speaking has taken on a new dimension. The unit give special emphasis to communication skills, uses of phrases and collocations and the revisory learning process.

Absolutely fluent upper English speaking tasks aim to integrate task based exercises into our overall methodology;  each module uses some or all aspects such as interviews, mini-talks, problem solving and/or story telling. Useful language is always provided in order that the student is able to express themselves fluently at all time through practice.

Now you are moving towards fluent English speaking. With your native speaker tutor you will be amazed how you can progress – but it still takes hard work on your part, the tutor doesn’t do it all! At this absolutely fluent Upper Intermediate English speaking level we take the discovery method of bringing your grammar problems into the light. Vocabulary learning includes all lexical forms of meaning and grammatical function. The resources take on new twists and turns, challenge your thinking skills and, with the use of your monolingual dictionary, your vocabulary base is broadened to a new level. You will become more confident with an absolutely fluent upper intermediate English speaking level. Your colleagues will be astonished at your improved pronunciation and eloquence.

Skills you will develop; enhance your English communication skills by:

  • Talk about life circles -time phrases and auxiliaries
  • Worst case scenarios and giving advice
  • Planning & Drafting a biography
  • Responding sympathetically
  • Awkward social situations
  • Gender gaps in the brain
  • Reported speech
  • . . . and more

Murray’s English recommends that you come to Absolutely Fluent Upper Intermediate English Speaking via the Intermediate and Upper Intermediate levels first. You can find out more about this process by contacting us directly at . . .


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