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Upper Level Studies

Upper level studies in English are where you will stand out from the crowd and explode your English fluency and language skills.

“How to improve my spoken English?” you ask.

Welcome! To Upper Level Studies! Here is where you can develop your English skills and fluency to an amazing level; “How hard can you work?” is my question to challenge you. How committed are you to your Upper level studies?

We include the finer details of Intermediate and go into the Upper Intermediate level of training, in your pursuit of more fluent English. As for the finer points of grammar and usage of English these always need to be reviewed from time to time, without spending tedious time slogging through grammar books, we expose the deeper aspects of both the pronunciation and articulation of the language. It’s an exciting journey as we explore how much fun learning English can be. As and when the opportunities arise we’ll work with you to clarify some grammatical point and move on as soon as you are comfortable with it.

We work with students who strive to achieve “upper” levels of all English skills. In all cases, these students seek out upper level studies for more fluency in speaking English according to their academic needs. Every-one of them is in an administrative, IT, sales or management position within their company and need our assistance to improve their spoken English skills. We arrange a personal English speaking course.

We encourage you to join our journey into upper level studies where we explore auxiliary verbs, modal verbs, stative verbs, the continuous (progressive) and passive aspects, and gerunds as they appear in your use of the language. You will make your speech more active, alive and interesting, using more colourful adjectives and adverbs.  The stress and intonation segments will renew your confidence as you develop your skills at speaking English in the International arena. There is never a dull moment as we investigate remarkable achievements, hypothetical situations and the intriguing situations enveloping the medical, financial and/or legal professions of today. Your vocabulary will explode as you hone your English speaking skills into the achievement of your dreams. Upper level studies in English are definitely what you need; trust us to lead you on your amazing journey.

We will progress through the sixty lesson exercises in our sounds, intonation, stress and  tone. It’s an exciting programme and we know you’ll love it. The lessons take about 15 minutes of your one-hour lesson and there is no time to get bored! And you get the study book and audios free!  Trust me. .  .the students love this part of my course!

Now you are probably ready to move onto the Upper Level Studies of our English Learning course. You can follow the links in the lesson menus or  . . .

I invite you to contact me today, via the enrolment form, explaining your needs in this regard. As I have a passion to help people speak fluent English, I will contact you as soon as I can.

Your English Guru is looking forward to hearing from you soon…

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