Phonemics: The Sounds we Make When we Speak

As you learn more speaking and reading English, you will encounter two terms – phonological awareness and phonemic awareness. The difference between the two terms is very subtle and we won’t go into that here. It’s not worth it at this stage. All you need to remember is that we have a Phonemic Chart – you could say that it’s the “Sounds Alphabet”

The best one that I’ve been able to find is at

Go – take a look and come back when you’re done.

Awesome, isn’t it? Maybe a little overwhelming at first but bookmark it and really get to know it – it’s your pronunciation bible and I refer to it often in my English communication skills lessons.

Using These Two Terms

Both phonological awareness and phonemic awareness are often used reciprocally but generally both are used to refer to what is simply the “sounds we make when we speak” (put ever so simply). The term most commonly used to cover both skills is phonemic awareness and that’s what we’re referring to here.

It never ceases to amaze me when I give student the simplest of lesson in this regard, how their faces light up when they can hear the subtlest of differences in sounds they make as we move through the chart.

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