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Fluent English Pronunciation

Fluent English? Huh? Who needs it?

English communication skills are important. No!

English communication skills are consequentially important! No, more than that!

Fluent English communication skills are momentously important!

We can not really stress this strongly enough. Read this article by Tomasz P. Szynalski

Without Fluent English communication skills, you’ve wasted all those weeks, months and years of studying the English language.

You wasted your time! Do you get it? Do I have to repeat it again?

Without good English language communication skills, you wasted your time studying English!

How often ESOL company people tell me they have difficulty making themselves understood on jet-set business trips in the board rooms of the English speaking world.

They ask me “how to improve my English speaking skills?”

For them to have come to me in such despondency, I realise they have come to the end of the road as they comprehend that they do need the help of a true native English speaker.

Good English pronunciation is really important – actually it’s quintessentially the centre of good English communication skills.1

Re-read Mr. Szynalski’s article again and if you feel he’s talking to you

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