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Pre-Intermediate English Course

Pre-Intermediate English Course is the next step up on your progress ladder to speaking fluent English. Let’s talk English! The Pre-Intermediate English Course is all about everyday life situations with lots of natural English. As a native a English speaker we guide you through the modules at your own pace, and that depends on how much time in a day/week you devote to your home-work  English studies.

Our Pre-Intermediate English Course leads you through everyday living situation;  i.e. How are you feeling? What is your daily routine? What’s your Job? Learn about Special Traditions and Celebrations in your family/country? You will learn about some of our celebrations as well as the customs and cultures of other countries. The Pre-Intermediate English Course has some really interesting and engaging activities to keep you thinking in English. Never a boring moment! And all the time, you are improving your spoken English, hitting some of those grammar rules that have been a mystery to you and exploding your English speaking skills on the way. Join us for an exciting experience and have fun while you learn.

We recommend that you take two/three lessons a week as in six months we should complete the Pre-Intermediate English Course ( fifteen modules); the next six months we focus on the Intermediate English Study Course, the following six months would be the Upper Intermediate level. After that we move to higher studies with the Cambridge and Oxford English courses.

During this period we can also prepare you to sit your IELTS exam if you are thinking of working in an English speaking environment, where it would be mandatory anyway. We would also be checking and moulding your pronunciation; we use a special pronunciation guide with over sixty individual lessons according to the English phonemes (or specific sounds we make as we speak). As well we work with idioms, phrasal and stative verbs, tone, stress and intonation.

Once you have completed the recommended course time with me, and you have been faithful to your own personal study time, you should be able to fluently communicate in English with lots of confidence..

Our Pre-Intermediate English Course is the stepping point for Intermediate and Upper levels of English. Have you already enrolled? No? Then now is the time! . . .  Do you accept the challenge?

Take my 30 minute free Introductory lesson or Contact me for details . . .


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