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English Grammar

English Grammar; we heard the groans from here when you landed on this page! It’s not all that bad though, so don’t despair. You don’t have to plough your way through grammar books. You just need to learn what to say, when to say, which to say, and how to say without asking the why to say.

Probably, after vocabulary, the most important aspect of the English language is your pronunciation.My course not only teaches the basics of English grammar but also delves deeply into grammatical issues and word origins at an appropriate time when you are ready to take the plunge and explode your mind with some of the amazing and intriguing facts about this beautiful and musical language. You will soon be able to see the structure and nuances of the language and improve your English speaking skills by using good English grammar. So if you wish to pursue English grammar further, welcome to an exciting roller coaster ride.

I do not go into English grammar in great detail until we find that you have an understanding of a grammatical point that needs clarifying. . . . .  THEN , we explore as deeply as you want to go – to save time and put you onto the right page AND the best help with pronunciation, this is your online study page. Below you will find some fantastic resources in this regard. . . .I encourage you to sift through them. I personally use Raymond Murphy’s “English Grammar In Use” – Intermediate and upper editions.

There are some fantastic pointers for you in my articles.

You see, the reason why is not so important when you’re learning to speak English. . . it’s more important to speak English fluently so that you can be understood. As you develop that fluency you will be simultaneously expanding your English grammar base.



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