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Elementary English Study Course Beginners

Elementary English Study Course beginners?  What are the ingredients for YOUR success in this, our course for beginners. There are four elements that everyone needs to master as they accept the challenge and embark on their quest for better fluent English; Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking

Our Elementary English Study Course for beginners is built up of various components using the New Cutting Edge series of English Language learning books. You can buy them here on-line by checking the widgets.

The Elementary stage assumes that you already understand the basics of the English language; if you are at this level, then we do not promise some magical methods that will have you speaking fluent English in “fifty lessons”. Your study period would be more like two years, but, let’s be honest, you still need to work hard right from the very start.

We recommend that you take two/three lessons a week as in six months we should complete the English Elementary study course beginners ( fifteen modules); the next six months we focus on the Pre-Intermediate, the following six months would be the Intermediate level and then the final six months would be Upper Intermediate.

During this period we would also be preparing you to sit your IELTS exam if you are thinking of working in an English speaking environment, where it would be mandatory anyway. We would also be checking and moulding your pronunciation; we use a special pronunciation guide with over sixty individual lessons according to the English phonemes (or specific sounds we make as we speak). As well we work with idioms, phrasal and stative verbs, tone, stress and intonation.

Once you have completed the recommended course time with me, and you have been faithful to your own personal study time, you should be able to fluently communicate in English with lots of confidence..

Our Elementary English Study course beginners is the starting position. Are you ready to start? Do you accept the challenge? Take my 30 minute free Introductory lesson. Contact me for details . . .

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