English Lessons

English lessons are designed to help speakers of other languages achieve their own fluent English speaking!

I am passionate about my English lessons and want to pass on my skills so that people will become more fluent in their English speaking! I have been gifted with a love of the English language and my desire is to pass this love on through my English lessons; especially to speakers of foreign languages who may find themselves working in an English-speaking environment.

Our English lessons cover Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate and Upper Intermediate. We do continue on to Cambridge CPE & CAE. You will cover all aspects of English including:

  • Listening  –   Reading   –   Speaking   –   Pronunciation   –   Writing
  • Grammar, Punctuation, Idiom, Stative & Modal Verbs, Stress & Intonation
  • Better Business English as requested
  • IELTS exam preparation – individual needs addressed
  • Job Seeking – Resume preparation, Cover Letter
  • Letter writing,
  • Formal and legal documents
  • Emails
  • Study with a native English speaker

and here’s a very important message

Many text books are available to help improve your English lessons and your skills. We can assist you in obtaining these at a discounted rate -please do not hesitate to ask. We use the New Cutting Edge series exclusively up to Advanced level and will assist everyone to obtain the best text book and study book according to their need. You will find links throughout my site for a wide range of books to help you with our English lessons.

After the Advanced level we use the appropriate student book and move into Cambridge and Oxford level of publications.

Students wishing to improve their English skills may be required to complete a minimum number of modules.

The course will always include assignments and exercises to be done in the students own time; what is commonly called HOME-WORK!  Without it, you are doomed to fail!  You have been warned!

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