Mar 27

English Learning for Intermediate Learners

Article by Kevin123

If you are an intermediate English learner, you need to learn using more advanced ways to grasp English. Definitely you can create lots of useful ways for yourself, but look here to find other two ways that may give you satisfaction.

How could I begin this for you? Let’s put it in this way: you need to read first. It seems short and meaningless, how could I give you the thing you all know? But let me explain.

Learning any language is not a naive story-telling thing, it needs your brains. I mean now you need to read English newpapers even everyday and original English books, especially novels. How could it be? I shall alert you that through reading English newspapers, you can get much more information than you have thought possible. You may learn something beautiful in some parts in the USA, and you may learn serious and terrifying issues in other parts of this country. On the other hand, you can get many more words than you have estimated possible. You see, language consists of words. The more words you learn well, the better English you will have. This is the truth that can never be challenged. Certainly it is hard for you to recite piles of words that may appear dull and meaningless. Really it is hard, but they can reward you later. But if you read literature, you will get a better view about English speakers’ ideas. Really you can gather words on the way on the other hand. Certainly Rosetta Stone English can also help you to learn English vocabulary.

The other idea for me to share with you is that you need to try to keep listening everyday. I urge you to listen to original English materials. If you like movies, try to listen to American blockbusters. If you like news, you can pick up CNN, VOA and so on. But I hope you to listen to another radio as well, that is BBC podcast. In the BBC podcast there are lots of fascinating programs in English and various sorts of topics are featured as well. If you want to learn the whole view of the world and learn all kinds of English, try this way. But bear in mind, try to listen to it very carefully.

And at last, if you need to learn Arabic or another language like Portuguese, apart from such two ways above, you can also try to use Rosetta Stone Arabic and Rosetta Stone Portuguese.

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