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ESP Needs Analysis

ESP Needs Analysis E.S.P is English for Special Purpose – such as Business English. Every business English student has individual ESP needs – English for special needs for his/her everyday business communication with English speaking clients or countries. We, therefore, ascertain the individual’s exact requirements for fluent English by interviewing them confidentially for their specific ESP needs.

ESP Needs refers to the English depended upon for –

  • contributing to meetings in a constructive and clear manner
  • negotiating for best prices in your best persuasive English
  • making presentations, supplementing Power Point etc.
  • telephoning to confirm, following up on orders
  • socialising with English speaking colleagues

The exact business ESP needs will vary depending on each student, hence the requirement for a proper, in-depth needs analysis early on. Also, we take care to carefully blend general English with the specialist business elements, we need to understand your tasks in relation to your position, the environmental conditions, the training requirements and the conditional criteria relating to the particular project.

This is all very well, you might say, but we humble teachers aren’t likely to be experts in the IT industry, aircraft engineering, injection moulding or whatever your business may be. Surely, – but we do have a business background (aviation, tourism) which helps us, in order to teach better business English (or E.S.P.).

As well as that, I’ve completed an excellent Teach International teaching business English course which included basic methodology to help me help you succeed in your very own ESP needs analysis.

Out ESP Needs analysis takes about one hour to complete and is totally confidential. It is absolutely critical for the successful outcome of your English learning programme with us and we take great pride in treating every student as an individual and do not just repeat any lesson as a second hand product.

Hence, you can see the importance of your very own ESP Needs Analysis. Contact us today to arrange a mutually agreeable time to conduct your personal interview. . .

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