Business English

Business English is quite possible via Skype and most of our students are business people. Our course is very popular with the business communities from all around the world, especially those who live in non-English speaking countries but who have to travel into the English speaking world for business trips or who have to use business English in their daily communications at work.

  • Also people working for multi-national companies who have to deal with Business English speaking conference calls and regular board meetings at Business English speaking Centres seek out my help in this regard. We assist them in every way; planning meetings, script checking, agenda items, presentations, reports and individual opening /closing addresses. We offer a complete service based on their distinctive business English needs.
  • We detail each course according to the need of the client. It’s lots of fun as we make it enjoyable for the student and in a light hearted vein they’re more able to relax, enjoy the lesson (one hour or 90 minutes) and improve their business English speaking skills at the same time. Very often our students are speaking with the United States and so they require American business English; we edit their presentation documents accordingly and help with the appropriate pronunciation as well. It is all part of our exclusive and unique tailor-made service.
  • Having conducted an individual mini-needs analysis before determining the class format, we are equipped to offer a highly professional business English course for any company’s need. So if you need one-on-one business English speaking coaching we’re here to help you. All of this can easily be achieved by using Skype and always with the added advantage of using the video camera. We can identify shortcomings in a a person’s business English speech with the use of the camera. It’s a vital piece of equipment for fluent Business English.

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