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Art of Writing English – Importance of Writing Skill

Article by Stephen Thomson

Most that is good in life comes from men’s ability to make their fellows share their thoughts and feelings. But it is not always an easy thing to make others see how we feel or think. The young child is called an infant, a word that means unable to speak. Half his miseries arise from his inability to communicate his notions. Men are but children of a larger growth, and much of their misery results from inability to tell what they think or feel. In a sense the case is worse for the man than for the child. The child makes gestures and grimaces to help his meaning out, but the grown man has to communicate by letters and other compositions.

Both in English writing and speaking there are many special laws that must be observed if there is to be real communication. The special laws of spoken language are not so numerous as those of written language. Written language has to be much more careful than spoken; the writer has no chance of correcting himself on the spot if not understood. All writing consists of sentences that may be defined as series of words so arranged that they express a thought. Sentences are the basis of written and spoken language. Words do not make sentences unless they are arranged in accordance with the rules of grammar, logic, or common sense. Nevertheless knowledge of how to communicate by written words is a very great help in communicating orally.

The art of communicating by means of written English words is called English composition, or rhetoric. A matter of prime importance to each man is that, in business or in society, he should be able to say or write exactly what he means. A businessman may lose money by failing to make himself clearly understood; misunderstandings and quarrels arise between friends because some one has failed to write just what he meant; a man is liable to be taken for a boor if he abuses the English language.

Writing is a trade in which every educated man, woman, and child should be skilled. Writing is a trade, which any one can master if he goes about it in the right way. It is true that writing skill is often the only trade of some people like the poets, novelists, newspaper reporters and editors. These might be called specialists in writing, and writing is their main occupation and way of making a living. But writing skill is a universal trade and it is necessary for every person to know it to a certain extent.

A person will never regret the time he spends in perfecting his instrument of expression. He should work steadily toward the point where he may come to have an abiding love for that which is lucid and beautiful in expression by words. No matter how practical the life he plans to lead, the power of writing down his ideas in good English, in a way that will leave no doubt as to what he meant and how earnestly he meant it, will always profit him.

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