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Fluent English

Welcome to Murray’s Teaching Fluent English.

Your English Tutor – Native English Guru – at your service

This site is developed to reach out to anyone who finds them self in a new environment and is aware of their need to improve their English communication skills.

With the aid of Skype I can reach anyone anywhere; where-ever you are in the world you can study with me and:

  • I will personally guide you through your individual program to speak fluent English.
  • Improve your English speaking fluency.
  • Take my Introductory Free lesson about fluent English.
  • Explode your Business English.

Take my Personal Business English Speaking course.

  • Enhance your prospects of finding employment in a fluent English speaking situation.
  • Help to nurture your self esteem.
  • Improve your inter-social skills.
  • Dramatically increase your communication skills in any environment

I am qualified and experienced to assist speakers of other languages achieve their goals and increase their confidence in their workplace and in their social environment.

Overcome their shyness to speak English – remember “The King’s Speech”?

To reach their full potential to speak fluent English and be understood.

Murray’s English can also help people who need  a fluent English tutor for . . . .

  • Business employment – clerical, legal, industrial, transport, marine, aviation etc.
  • Migration Services English proficiency requirements.
  • Job seekers to improve their communication skills and job applications.
  • Employment opportunities will be better if I help you prepare your resume.
  • Preparing for IELTS English exam.

Study for IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam

  • Take my fluent English Speaking Course
  • My classes are personalised and paced according to your needs
  • Skype is free and easy to download and install on your PC – I can reach you anywhere in the world!

If it is an excellent English Guru you need to improve your English fluency speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills, then please contact me without delay.

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